It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since Tim Brauch’s untimely passing. What he brought to skateboarding and to those who he came in contact with will be remembered forever. And it’s times like this past weekend that remind us all that Tim is still very much with us.

The 7th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest held at the skate park named in his honor in Scotts Valley, California, was a tremendous success this year. Almost 100 entrants came from as far away as Oregon and San Diego to enter in both Saturday’s amateur event as well as Sunday’s World Cup Concrete Bowl Riders Series.

The skating is always amazing when everyone’s skating in remembrance of Tim, it puts the emphasis on enjoying skateboarding more then the actual competition you could see it in the smiles on all the competitors and with locals heroes like Jesse Gullings and Josh Mattson the onlookers are guaranteed a show. This level of excitement carried into Sunday’s bowl contest with the crowd gathered around the coping to watch the likes of Holly Lyons and Heidi Fitzgerald in the ladies event, legends like Steve Caballero and Chris “Cooksie” Cook skating in the masters division, and Benji Galloway, and Jimmy the Greek in the pro bowl.

Several of Tim’s eldest friends such as Salman Agah, Jai Tanju and Scotty Greathouse were in attendance along with the legions of us who were lucky enough to have had one session with Tim before he passed away. Tim’s family was there for the entire weekend along with Tim’s new niece who just might find her way on to a skateboard somewhere down the line.

A huge thanks is owed to everyone at Etnies and Vans for their continued support of Tim’s legacy and this contest. It could only be the spirit of someone like Tim that could join two would-be competitors for an incredible cause and celebration of life.

7th Annual Contest 2005



1. Benji Galloway

2. Chris Cudlipe

3. Jake Piasecki


1. Annie Sullivan

2. Holly Lyons

3. Lexi Barclay


1. Steve Caballero

2. Eric Costello

3. Chris “Cooksie” Cook

AMS (13 & Over)

1. Josh Mattson

2. Jeff Ward

3. Adam Emery

GROMS (12 & under)

1. Black Spencer

2. Tristan Puehse

3. Nic Puehse