8th Annual Contest 2006

What a weekend… The 8th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest turned out to be one of the greatest to date. With over with 150 competitors entered for the two day street and bowl contest.

Saturday’s street course contest got going early with riders showing up as early as 6:30am. MC Lee Charron set the pace with his crazy antics and miss named tricks (10 bucks to the first person who can tell me what a Banana Boat to Fakie is). The 12 and under Gromz took the course first and it was immediately clear that the level of skating in this category had greatly improved over that of last year’s. It was 10 year old Curren Caples who quickly identified himself as the grom to beat with head high backside airs and a confidence, style, and smoothness that had people comparing him to that of Chris Miller. But he still had to skate against the wonder twins of Nic and Tristan Puehse who rode strong all day.

Next was the AMs who come out strong with a line up that included several previous winners like Cory Ryan, Jeremy Morgan, Tommy Werner and Josh Mattson, some familiar faces Jesse Nelson, Jesse Santoyo, and Jesse Gullings sporting some Rasta dreads. Darwin Holmes brought out his band of wheel chair renegades who attacked the course and earned the respect of all attendee’s. Local Stephen Moulding impressed the judges with his determination and huge smile that they unanimously awarded him the “Spirit of Tim Brauch” award for making skateboarding fun. But the battle for the top spots were between Raven Tershay, Shaun Taggard, and Tommy Fynn


Day two also got off to an early start with the ladies bowl contest kicking off the day’s events. The excitement and energy was 100% throughout all their heats right up till the end as Annie Sullivan slipped out on a back side air compound fracturing her wrist. With the help of our crack staff they had her fixed up in a home made splint from a Red Bull box and on the way to the hospital in no time.

Next up was the Masters division that once again proved to be one of the most exciting rounds of the weekend; they gave it their all with multiple three, four, and five person runs.

Just prior to the pro contest was a chance for the locals to get into the action, with the top four being able to compete with the pros. Saturdays grom winner Curren Caples took the first qualifying position followed by Tommy Werner, Alex Foy, and Chris Moon. The Pro’s where broken into 4 heats all of which there ”loaded”, unfortunately Josh Borden went down hard on a tail slide breaking his femur. But it was the finals that saw the most action. Locals like Josh Mattson, Raven Tershay, Issac Yanez, and Zach Richeson gave it their all against some of the worlds best bowl skaters like Benji Galloway, Tim Johnson, and Jimmy the Greek. The battle raged until dark, and then everyone sat patiently as the judges worked out the final results.


Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to all our sponsors especially Etnies for their continued sport year after year, as well as Red Bull who went over and beyond this year providing the PA system and lounge. Also huge thanks to Dragon Optical, Kronic Energy Drink, Ocean Chevrolet, 1/2 Pint Skateboards, Hanes Beefy Tee, KDON, Independent Trucks, Vitamin Water, Bell Helmets, Wahoos Fish Tacos, Vans Shoes, Bones Wheels, Spitfire, Real, Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher, Slap Magazine, Skateworks, Bills Wheels, and everyone who rides a skateboard.


1. Holly Lyons $500

2. Annie Sulivan $300

3. Apryl Woodcock $200

4. Heidi Fitzgerald

5. Cressey Rice


1. Curren Caples

2. Nic Puehse

3. Tristan Puehse

4. Cody Davidson Chapman

5. Pauly Rizo


AMS (13 and up)

1. Raven Tershay

2. Shaun Taggard

3. Tommy Fynn

4. Josh Mattson

5. Dylan Jones



1. Steve Caballero $600

2. Glen Charnoski $400

3. Pat Black $300

4. Jesse Martinez $200

5. Alan Barclay $100


1. Benji Galloway $1,000

2. Tim Johnson $600

3. Steve Reeves $400

4. Josh Mattson $300

5. Chris Cudlipp $200