Jason Adams
Steve Caballero
Andrew Colehower
Beth Colehower
Justin Gold
Rob Roskopp
Derek Sherinian 


Brigg Busenhart - Junior Chair
Phoenix Campbell - Junior Vice Chair
Marco Chavez 
Maya Colehower
Reed Ellis 
Hans Hart
Luca Peruzzi
Kiana Radliff
Rikki Radliff 
Trae Saporito
Blaze Strangio
Zach Wagner


Honarary Board  


Known simply as “Cab,” Steve Caballero is one of the finest representatives of NorCal skate talent. Light and quick and innovative, Cab began skating at the age of 12 in 1976 and began competing at 14. At a national skate contest in Escondido in 1979, Cab finished fifth. Stacy Peralta saw the potential and offered Cab a sponsorship and he joined the Bones Brigade – one of the most innovative skate teams ever, including Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero. Stacy’s choice turned out to be a good investment for Powell Peralta, Caballero and skateboarding, as Cab turned pro in 1980 and rocked the decade by innovating the fakie 360 ollie – aka Caballerial or Full Cab – and the frontside boardslide. At the World Championships in Munster, Germany in 1987, Caballero cemented his legend by winning both the street and vert titles and that same year boosted an 11-foot air on a half pipe – a record that stood for 10 years, until Danny Way topped it. In 1989, Vans and Caballero teamed up to produce the first skate shoe – the Vans Caballero. Three years later they released the Vans Half Cab, considered by many to be the world’s greatest skate shoe. In 1999, Cab also set a record for longest board slide on a 44-step handrail. That year, Thrasher Magazine named Caballero “Skater of the Century.” Also a dedicated musician, Cab has played guitar with The Faction, Odd Man Out, Shovelhead and Soda. Cab skates regularly and is also an enthusiast of motocross and hot rods. 



As a former Professional Skateboarder in the 80′s, Rob was fortunate to travel the world and he never looked back. In the early 90′s Rob went back to his early roots when he was a kid, riding bicycles. He is the founder and CEO of Santa Cruz Bicycles, a leader across multiple continents and regarded as the most well designed Bicycle Company in the world. He enjoys traveling with his family, taking them on adventures all over the world. Married to his wife Lepa, they have 3 children, Mara, Harrison and Sara. He enjoys being outdoors, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ice skating and of course mountain biking. As Rob so often says, “It’s all about the journey.” Rob is also the co-founder of the True Cause Foundation and has instrumental roles in athlete development and business relations.


Few keyboardists can boast a résumé as diverse, accomplished and fun as the credits Derek Sherinian has assembled in the last 40 years. A keyboard player from Santa Cruz who claims Elton John as his “original idol,” Sherinian is a musical chameleon, whose talent has allowed him an interesting life: Seeing the world as a sideman for Alice Cooper, Kiss and Billy Idol, as well as jamming and working with some of the world’s most renowned musicians, including Allan Holdsworth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan, Al Di Meola, Steve Lukather, Zakk Wyldeand Slash.
In addition, Sherinian was a member of Dream Theater from 1994 to 1999, having played on three of the prog-metal titans releases. More recently, Sherinian was a member of Black Country Communion, which co-featured bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes, guitarist Joe Bonamassa and drummer Jason Bonham, releasing three albums with that formidable band. Most recently, he’s played with another monster batch of musicians in yet another stellar band called Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine, Sherinian. An all-instrumental supergroup, PSMS issued a fantastic, chops-intensive album entitled Live In Tokyo, which was released in 2013 on CD and DVD/Blu-ray. 
Derek's new project is critically acclaimed Heart Of Storm. It's a one of a kind masterpiece which combines Russian ballet and live rock music. 
It would be difficult to find a keyboardist in the hard rock realm as prolific and sought after as Sherinian.  


Board of Directors


Past Co-owner of SESSIONS Clothing and Outerwear, which became one of the global pillars of the action sports apparel industry. Cindi began building SESSIONS when it was a retail store and clothing line that bridged skateboarding, snowboarding, music, and entertainment. Over three decades, Cindi learned the apparel business while working in the trenches, traveling the world from Shanghai to New York while raising two children. In April of 2012 Cindi was recognized as a Woman of Influence by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal as one of "100 new names of women in high level positions after change in their industries and their communities" In November of 2012 Cindi and her son Brigg were featured on the cover of Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal's Giving Guide as the recipient of one of three impact awards for philanthropy. Cindi is the founder and chair of the Tim Brauch Foundation



Jocelyn Massey's family has been in Santa Cruz for six generations, going back to 1851. She is proud of her local heritage and has lived up to it by getting involved in sports, and serving as the Board Secretary for the Tim Brauch Foundation since 2012. A graduate of Cypress Charter High School, Jocelyn is now attending Cabrillo College with the goal of completing the Radiologic Technology Program.   



Karen is a professional assistant, and has worked with and been affiliated with Sessions and the Tim Brauch Foundation since 2003. She has been an active board member since 2013. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Karen has enjoyed many years of surfing, sailing, and fishing. 



Tim O’Neil joined the Tim Brauch Foundation in October 2015 after volunteering to support the 17th Annual Street Contest. A former trained chef currently working in legal services, Tim has loved skateboarding since he was just a kid cruising down the street on a neighbor’s plastic banana board. Having had the opportunity to live overseas in Europe and Asia, one thing he noticed was that despite the existing cultural differences from country to country, skateboarders have always spoken the same language. Tim is thrilled to share the stoke and promote the positive benefits of skateboarding with new generations of kids through his involvement with the Tim Brauch Foundation. 



A resident of San Jose, California, Karina shared a beautiful life with Tim until his sudden passing in 1999. Karina has been a board member since 2014. The Tim Brauch Foundation holds a special place in her heart and she hopes to keep the memory and spirit of Tim Brauch alive. 



Izzy Sophia Thomas joined the Tim Brauch family in the summer of 2014 as a junior board member. Izzy's main responsibility is managing the database. She helps with the annual drive and has been volunteering at the contests since seventh grade. Her hobbies include volleyball and hanging out at the beach with friends. 


Junior Board


Death spiker, raconteur, collector of exotic Ferraris--some of these things are true about Brigg Ferreira Busenhart-a high school student at Mount Madonna School. With the Tim Brauch Foundation, Brigg has been an active volunteer since elementary school and joined the junior board in the seventh grade. Brigg has been a volunteer in the fundraising aspect along with doing everything from judge running to overseeing the raffle at the annual contest. A talented volleyball player, Brigg is a member of the Mount Madonna High varsity team, which regularly gives beatings to volleyball teams from much larger schools in the Bay Area. Brigg's hobbies include ping pong, surfing, skateboarding, volleyball, and the all-around enjoyment of life. 



A junior board member since 2013 and a student at Soquel High, Maya Colehower is a talented athlete/artist by land and sea. In the same day she will be practicing her plies in the ballet studie, then using those same delicate feet to train on her standup paddleboard for races--she always finished top in her class at the annual Jay Moriarity Paddleboard Race.



Kiana Radliff is a student at Aptos High school. She has volunteered since 2014 and joined the board in the beginning of summer 2015. Having been born and raised on the coast of Santa Cruz, Kiana has grown up participating in almost everything having to do with the ocean, including surfing. She loves to surf and go ocean adventures. Aside from her love of the ocean, she volunteers in the community either helping with disaster services or throwing blood drives at her school all through the American Red Cross. She also enjoys playing volleyball, running, and adventuring in her free time. Kiana has had various roles when volunteering at the contests and working on the board. She loves that everyone's hard work and fundraising sends kids to Woodward, keeping the spirit of Tim alive.



Rikki Radliff is a student at Aptos High school and has volunteered for the foundation since 2014 became a member of the Junior Board in 2015. Aside from being an auspicious student, Rikki likes to involve herself in extracurricular activities that give back to the community. She loves that being a part of the foundation contributes to the enrichment of youth lives within her community.



A Junior Board Member since 2014, Blaze Strangio was born and raised in Tim's hometown of San Jose. Blaze enjoys snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and wakeboarding. When he's not on a board you can find him on the soccer fiels with the SJ Earthquakes PDA teams. Blaze hopes to keep Tim's memory going for future generations.



Zachary Wagner joined the junior board in 2015. He is currently a student of Mount Madonna School. Although he has had no prior skateboarding experience, he loves being a part of the foundation and working at the contests and other events and giving back to the community. He has a deep love for astrophysics and wishes to be on the Mars mission in 2030. He has even done the zero gravity flights in preparation for it. He also has been playing the piano for 14 years, some of his favorite pieces include the rags by Scott Joplin and the Vince Guaraldi Jazz collections. Aside from piano pieces his favorite artist is Eminem. One of his hobbies besides piano is scuba diving, and he mostly dives in Hawaii to see the beautiful coral and wildlife.



Krysta Depp 

Angie Gruys

Carroll Harrington

Vic Yanez 

Myla Rodriguez 



Cindi Busenhart -  Founder / Chair 
Tim O'Neil - Vice Chair
Jocelyn Massey -  Secretary
Jill Chavez
Junior Chavez
Scott Greathouse
Marlene Harden
Karen Hunt
Gigli Locatelli
David Rodriguez
Nick Saporito
Karina Strangio
Izzy Thomas


Amelia Busenhart 2017 - University of California Santa Barbara

Chris Colip 2016 - Willamette University 

Julian Glina 2017 - University of California Berkeley

Nico Ponza 2014 - Stanford University 

Nate Vince 2017 - University of California Davis 

Taj Yanez 2017 - Santa Barbara City College