Scotty Greathouse is an accomplished artist out of Santa Cruz, CA who has completed work large and small throughout the Bay Area. Known by his peers for having a keen angle for collaboration and some amazingly fun new approaches for interactive art projects, working with children has been his main focus. His current project at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford is a hit with the kids due to his camera-projector, mobile art-cart full of creative tools, one-on-one attention and plethora of acrylic paint pens accompanied by positive new art direction. Scotty brings art adventure along with some much needed normalcy, no medical talk, only positive engagement and light hearted learning and conversation. Scotty is also a muralist who dreams of being able to match funds of public schools and other community programs who desire color and environment enhancement, yet may not have the monetary resources to afford such beautification. The goal is to match a school's, or community's, art budget dollar-for-dollar! Striving to create murals that are interactive with kids, so they can share pride and ownership, while having the glow of creation's ability to say "I painted that!". Scotty has always been a giver and with the funding he receives he'll be exercising the art of inclusion, hiring artists for hospital and mural work who inspire, empower and offer some fresh perspective to kids (young and old) who might not know how artistic they truly are :)