The Junior Board Mentoring Program was developed to help support future community leaders. Board Members train the Junior Board Members to initiate new avenues of support for young students interested in giving back, community leadership and careers in the highly competitive field of business and nonprofits. Every Junior Board Member is an ambassador for the TIM BRAUCH FOUNDATION and are called BEANS (Tim's nick name) and they strive to positively represent the organization in the best possible ways.

Junior Board Members or BEANS actively serve the TIM BRAUCH FOUNDATION throughout the year learning everything from how to read a balance sheet to showing them the ropes in event and fundraising management. Junior Board Members or BEANS are excellent role models with strong academics. Tenured Junior Board Members demonstrate the rewards of goals attained to the newer Junior Board members with determination and perseverance, unusual in today's world of instant gratification, and imperative to becoming both a successful leader and a contributing member of society.

In return, The TIM BRAUCH FOUNDATION promises to:
- Provide BEANS the opportunity for meaningful and rewarding service to our mission and community.
- Provide BEANS the opportunity for significant professional development and social networking opportunities.
- Provide members with the information they need to be effective members.
- Respond to the best of our ability to BEANS questions and concerns.
- Encourage BEANS feedback and criticism.
- Do our utmost to be an organization THAT KICKS ASS.